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On a mission to foster good health, & improve internal development to create a new global wellness, Wellfinitea Herbal is our first of many wellness lifestyle products, to help anyone looking for a more personalised holistic approach & to troubleshoot what our health may throw at us.

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Message from the CEO

I’ve been working in the health and wellness industry for close to two decades now. I’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by some of the world’s most knowledgeable people too, and as a result, have somewhat become obsessed with health.

I’ve been running a wellness company called Wellfinity since 2017, and we’ve been focused on bringing health to corporate clients across London and more recently, the UK. During a particular trip abroad, whilst attending several meetings in Thailand, I couldn’t help but notice a specific brand of teas ~Narah that they would carry around with them and drink before our meals. They’d explained the remarkable benefits that they had gone through by taking this herbal blend, and its particular effect on sugar absorption.

I was fascinated by this claim, and did my own research, having tried the tea for over a month, I began noticing my waistline getting smaller, I felt a lot healthier, and I had also begun Intermittent Fasting at this stage too. I’d started off with a 16 hour fast, with an 8-hour eating window. I noticed that when I’d drink the tea during this fast, I wouldn’t feel hungry for longer, and the tea had no calories, which meant I wouldn’t be breaking my fast by drinking it either. My fasts became even longer, and I found myself pulling through 24-hour fasts, and even 36 hours very easily.

Anyway, fast forward several years, I’d been trying to find a way to get the teas into the U.K, and Wellfinitea was born. I’m proud to say that the herbal tea by Narah is grown in the north of Thailand. They’ve got an Organic Certification, and they’ve not had pesticides used for over 20 years. They’ve won several awards, and we’re delighted to be bringing this product to you too.

Wellfinitea by Narah has been verified and tested by nutritionists and our pros from Wellfinity, and we’d love for you to try it too.

Enjoy the tea, it’s been packed with love.

Healthiest Regards,

Anesu Sunassee

Founder & CEO

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