Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellfinitea™ Organic Green Good For?

  1. Rich in antioxidants- an excellent source of additional Iron, Vitamin C for
    repair of the body & general health
  2. Helps support a healthy immune system
  3. Helps to maintain healthy sugar levels or helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  4. Acts as a sugar blocker (to everyday intake of foods and drink)
  5. Helps create a balanced glucose metabolism
  6. Helps & aids in weight loss & weight maintenance (based on healthy diet
    & exercise)
  7. Is a preventative source to aid in avoiding development of health
  8. Creates balanced glucose metabolism

What’s inside the Wellfinitea™ Herbal Tea carton?

Wellfinitea™ Organic Green has 10 delicious teabags. Makeup to 5 teas with 1 teabag
Wellfinitea™ tea bag, once a day or 5 teas a week. A box of Wellfinitea™ Organic Green should take between 50-60 cups of teas!

How Easy Is It To Make Wellfinitea™ Herbal Tea?

There’s nothing complex about sitting back, with a delicious cup of tea is there? Simply, steep, sip & enjoy the health benefits- no with no second thoughts! Make the tea with hot water, and enjoy warm- for a soothing experience. Or open with a bit of hot water and let it steep a few min, and then add cold water and ice- for a refreshing iced tea!

What Does Wellfinitea™ Organic Green Taste Like?

This delicious blend is 100% organic- taste encompasses subtle natural herbs, earthy tones, and natural sweetness.

Does Wellfinitea™ Organic Green Contain Caffeine?

No, Wellfinitea™ Organic Green is a herbal tea, therefore, Caffeine-free- have peace of mind to drink a cup before bedtime, or in the evenings after meals!

What Makes Wellfinitea™ Organic Green Effective?

Wellfinitea™ contains these key ingredients which contribute to its efficacy:

  • Gymnema- improves blood sugar levels, assists weight maintenance, increases effectiveness of insulin (hindi translation- destroyer of sugar)
  • Pandanus Palm- could help solve multitude of skin problems, may help blood sugar management
  • Stevia- has been beneficial in weight loss (used as a natural alternative or sugar substitute)

How Quickly Could I See Results?

Most of our customers begin to feel the effects within the first week of drinking Wellfinitea™ Organic Green.

These benefits become more noticeable for about 4 months when your blood sugar levels have become more predictable.

Simply continue taking Wellfinitea™ Organic Green for continued glucose control, a faster metabolism, better weight loss management, and many other benefits.

Studies also have shown the effects of the teas affecting blood glucose levels, find out more here.

Wellfinitea™ is instant in satisfaction, & results, in fact, we boast about it as we’re a cut above the rest and not simply just another herbal tea!